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Welcome to Skilled Plumbing Pty Ltd

Skilled Plumbing is striving to become one of the leading providers of drainage, sewer, gas and roofing services in the Industrial, Commercial, Rail & Construction arenas. Our core activities are focused on waste water, multi‐unit development, routine maintenance and green plumbing. With a determined focus on providing a complete plumbing service for our clients with a full commitment to our key objectives means we can provide a reliable, high quality and innovative service. A fully licensed and well trained team using specialist equipment and investing in new technology, enables us to offer solutions efficiently and reliably to meet our clients objectives.

To provide high quality service that exceeds our clients expectations.
To be the leader in efficiency and productivity
To maintain a safe working environment at all times
To raise the standard of plumbing to ensure we are a company of choice.

Health & Safety

Safety is at the forefront of everything Skilled Plumbing do. Our investment in this vital area is significant and ongoing. Working in some of the most demanding safety environments across the rail, roofing, water and major Industrial & Commercial industries, we are proud of our excellent safety record and strive to maintain this elite level of safety.

List of Services

• Commercial Waste Storage
• Commercial Waste Supply
• Commercial Plumbing
• Hydrants & Hose Reels
• Gasfitting Lines & Valves
• Solar Hot Water Systems

• Domestic Cold Water
• Domestic Hot water
• Gas Appliance Installation
• Drainage
• Grey Water Irrigation
• Roofing
• Stormwater

• Treatment Plants
• Grey Water
• Rainwater Tanks
• Pump Station Installations
• Below Ground Sewer
• Below Ground Stormwater
• Routine Maintenance


Skilled Plumbing has fully trained and experienced staff equipped to deal with the tight timescales and difficult situations that present themselves whilst working on the rail network.

Experience with heritage listed buildings and facades also keeps Skilled Plumbing one step ahead whilst working on the old stations and surrounding buildings.

Rail Safety

To operate on the rail network, it is essential to have an up to date and well developed Health & Safety management system.

Skilled Plumbing has continually focused on this aspect with the use of risk assessments, job safety analysis and complete staff training and development.
With continued safety refresher courses and compliance with the rail safety standards we have maintained a very high standard.

Green Plumbing

In recent years Green Plumbing building has gained momentum as a construction standard that can help conserve the environment whilst reducing energy requirements.

At Skilled Plumbing we are constantly working with our clients to provide them with an environmentally friendly approach to their building requirements, with a complete training in all the areas of green plumbing from Solar Hot Water and Heat Pumps to Recycled Waste Water and Tank Installations, Skilled Plumbing is up to date with all the innovations that this global trend presents.

Green Plumbing Services

• Gas/Electric Solar Hot Water
• Commercial Solar Storage Banks
• Commercial Heat Pumps
• Underground Tanks – Concrete/Poly
• Grey Water Treatment Systems
• Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures
• Pump Installations & Maintenance
• Reticulated Hot Water Lines
• Grey Water Dispersion Management
• Waterless Urinals


Skilled Plumbing provides a wide scope of works including rail, housing and major construction. Within these widely differing arenas is an equally wide range of maintenance requirements. We have extensive experience in the maintenance of all plumbing fixtures including Sewer Repairs, Hot Water Services, Roof Leaks, Gas Appliances and other plumbing related maintenance.

Skilled Plumbing also provides a routine maintenance service to help offer business and body ‐ corps with a reliable and effective service to prevent damage to some of the most important assets our clients own.

Quality Assurance

Skilled Plumbing is a fully licensed company, and strictly works to a quality standard set by the Plumbing Industry Commission (P.I.C). Our work is guaranteed for 7 years on all workmanship and we are continually and rigorously audited to maintain this quality assurance.

This represents Skilled Plumbing’s continual process, improvement and client satisfaction in all aspects of our business, as well as our dedication to delivering the highest quality contracts to our clients.

Commercial Development

With such a diverse business, covering all aspects of plumbing from the civil works all the way to the roof makes Skilled Plumbing an ideal plumbing company for your next development.
One company, all the plumbing aspects covered! This means a single company/ one central point of contact to deal with and quality that is second to none.

Aggressively maintaining the outstanding reputation the company has earned of providing high quality workmanship and excellent service, Skilled Plumbing utilizes the most advanced technologies and up‐to‐date equipment to ensure our clients are satisfied once projects are completed by using sound and innovative construction techniques.

The benefits:

• Increased Customer Satisfaction
• Enhanced Co‐operation amongst Contractors
• Shortened Job Completion Times
• Improved Builder/Trade Relations
• Reduces Defects and Warranty Calls
• Increases Employee Satisfaction

Heritage Works

With the constant development in and around Melbourne, we are faced with the dilemma of maintaining Melbourne’s Architectural History and beauty whilst making way for expansion and development.

Skilled Plumbing has worked on some of Victoria’s oldest buildings and facades (Barkley St Theatre, Footscray) and has produced stunning results while maintaining a sensitivity for some of Melbourne’s great buildings.